Donna Hill

Her Heart is a Song

Secrets untold

Stolen moments lost in the echo
of silent footsteps down the hall

Frightening light filters through the
crack of her door
paper thin safety

Pastel walls swallow
telling shadows

Behaving bed
absent of sound
soaked in sweat and sadness

Softly clenched eyes
feign sleep
silky skin

as he explores
fulfills his demand

a child pregnant forever
with the hope of tomorrow

Rum and Eggnog

together again, you are home
pulling out soon enough yesterday
morning to beat the near hurricane
force winds down on the coast

helping me out once more with chores
and errands, indulging in the extras
when you do the shopping, taking
back your role as father - I smile

when I hear from top of the stairs a
young holler, I'm going with dad. I
sigh at the silence; my world takes
a deep breath, believing it may once

again begin to revolve. Still, how quickly
we fall into each our own comforts, you
in your chair before the TV, me in mine
in front of this, a smaller screen. Soon I

shut down through, call it a night to be
with you, too long since I've been able 
to sit across your lap in your lazy-boy
as so often before. Teasing your lips

with mine, your neck for another reminder
your ear for that playful giggle, spawning
those goose bumps, feeling your subtle
flinch, arousal beneath me, hearing your

loving snicker as you ask me if this is
what a rum and eggnog does for me and
I reflect with a coy smile, an offer to
make me another and see for yourself.


to the Net he thought
or was it poetry boards
I know the feeling
after a long day
kids and work and
duties galore
cutting loose
peach cooler on ice
whooping it up
snug social life
fine as wine
cyber as it is
click here, surf there
snoop aroundl
laugh and wonder
piece together
debate this, banter that
voice a
welcomed opinion 
butt in
caring one day 
resident bitch the next
wouldn't trade it for the world
now that I have it
love it
knowledge and life
learning through
some friends distant
still worth calling
a friend
tighter bonds
closer few
I'd trust
with my life
as I do now with
my heart